About Us
BranGay Shetland Sheepdogs

John And Cendy McVoy

Cendy was pretty much born into the dog show world, being only 4 years old when her
parent's began showing dogs. Since then she has shown many different breeds. Including a top
winning Pembroke Welsh Corgi, however,  she remains faithful to the Shetland Sheepdog.
She is actively involved in the BranGay breeding program, and remains passionate about
breeding the "Perfect Dog"
I however did not catch on that fast, Cendy and I were married in 1992 and I remember going
to my first dog show wondering why someone had shaved their Collie! (Smooth Variety) Cendy
laughed at me of course. Since then I too have become involved in BranGay  and there quest
for the perfect dog. I have even began handeling my first dog, well bitch. (Gaby)

BranGay Shelties was started  by Brandol and Gayle Eads after getting
our first shelties in March of 1971............
After living in San Bernardino for over 22 years we have moved to
Anza in November of 2005 about 35 minuets above Temecula about
4500Ft.  Elevation...........  
BranGay Shelties has been breeding and showing quality Shelties since
1971 and we have produced and Finished over 55 Champions.......
BranGay Shelties has expanded not to only Shelties over the last 36
years we have bred several Champion Rough Collies and Brittany's but
have stayed faithful over the 36 years to breeding quality Dogs no
matter what the breed was...........
At about age 4 our youngest daughter Cendy started showing dogs and
has become a handler and most recently her husband John has gotten
involved in our Family hobby as well!  What can you say Shelties are a
Family dog and a Family Hobby...............
Brandol and Gayle have expanded their horizons about 25 years ago
with becoming Breed Judges for not only Shetland Sheepdogs but for
Rough/Smooth Collies.....................
BranGay Shelies is always concerned with breeding quality Shetland
Sheepdogs and furthering the future of the Breed............

We are members of  ASSA  and  Santiago Shetland Sheepdog Club
and AKC Breder Of Merit..........
Brandol Eads (Left)
Gayle Eads (Left)
Brandol and Gayle Eads
Two of our Daughters Cendy 14 yrs. And Wendy 16 yrs. In 1982
on a trip to the San Bernardino Mountains with a young Melody
who became BIS/BISS CH. BranGay Unchained Melody
Cendy in 1973 with a 3mo. old litter of puppies
Brandol and Gayle with their grand kids  Left Matthew, Center Scott, Right Amber
having Christmas at the House in San Bernardino in 1991!!